A Conversation Takes Two People

April 13, 2011

Marketing no longer includes silent ads with bold words to create noise amongst consumers. Businesses need to not only speak out, but to respond to their customers through social media, and listen to customer feedback.

Research from Targetbase Claydon Heeley (TBCH) found that 47% of businesses have no formal customer engagement strategy, compared with 44% last year, in an article on Marketing Week.

Steve Grout, chief executive of TBCH feels that too few companies collect and respond holistically to comments from the public, according to Marketing Week.

“Many brands do not actually have someone with a total overview of the customer,” Grout said on Marketing Week.

Grout argues that 51 % of companies who do use social media still take this one-way ‘broadcast’ approach to their customer communications.

Sarah Hofstetter, the senior vice president of emerging media and brand strategy at 360i feels that Twitter is a strong platform to join in on conversations with clients.

Twitter is interesting because the way people use it can vary,” Hofsetter said in an article on Mashable. “There are broadcasters, there are “listeners” who follow and read groups of tweets in some sort of aggregated way and then there are a select few who do both… and actually have conversations.”

The trick, as a marketer, is to get people to mention you and to then respond to these mentions. According to Business Computing World, the best way to join conversation is to find followers who can relate to your business.

“Have a look at the Trends on your Twitter account. Clearly you want to find topics that are relevant to your business; where people you want to engage with are commenting and you can add value to the conversation,” According to Business Computing World.

And of course, above all it is always important to add meaningful information to the conversation.

“It is best not to get into personal criticisms but to make constructive and factual comments that add to the debate and demonstrate your expertise- but not in an advertising/sales type of way,” according to Business Computing World.

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